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Cityscape Global 2024,Where the city of tomorrow is shaped by the visionaries of today.
2024 Conferences

2024 Conferences

Cityscape Global 2024 — Where the city of tomorrow is shaped by the visionaries of today.

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Future of Living Summit

Dive into the forefront of urban evolution with mayors, regulators, and urban planners. Unearth strategies shaping cities into dynamic living spaces. A summit for visionaries, by visionaries.

Smart Cities (New)

Witness the birth of the digital metropolis. Explore groundbreaking tech innovations that redefine urban living. Join tech mavens and innovators in the race to build cities smarter, not just taller.Sponsored by -Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH)

Real Estate Institutional Investor Forum

Unlock the secrets of cityscape investments. Connect with institutional investors shaping skylines. Navigate the complexities of real estate finance with those steering the industry.

Design and Architecture

Enter a realm where aesthetics meet functionality. Celebrities and design maestros converge to explore architectural marvels. From iconic landmarks to sustainable urban aesthetics, witness the fusion of form and function.


Embrace the future of property technology. Tech disruptors unite to revolutionize the real estate landscape. From blockchain to AI, delve into the innovations reshaping how we buy, sell, and inhabit urban spaces.

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Exhibition & Convention Center, Malham - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
792P+JQ, Malham 13380 Saudi Arabia
11月 1, 2024 - 11月 14, 2024
792P+JQ, Malham 13380 Saudi Arabia