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Discovering Turkey's ancient routes: a historical and natural journey on foot
Jul 8, 2024
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Abstract : Turkey is home to a number of magnificent hiking routes, not only through pristine wilderness, but also through the ancient paths of the Anatolian civilization, which are now must-visit destinations for tourists exploring the glorious history of the ancient empire.

The Lycian Way is located on the Teke Peninsula in Turkey's western Mediterranean Sea, which was once the center of one of Anatolia's most advanced civilizations. The approximately 540-kilometer-long route extends from Fethiye to Antalya, passing through the ancient cities of Ksantos, Myra, Olimpos, Apelay and Simeona along the way. Visitors are recommended to visit Patara, the ancient capital of Lycia, after sunset to explore the night museum program of this ancient site under the stars. The Lycian Way also passes through natural landscapes such as Örüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay, showcasing Turkey's unique natural and historical heritage.

Named after the ancient Kariya civilization, the Kariya Route is the longest hiking trail in Turkey, with a total length of 800 kilometers. The route passes through Aydın and Mulla provinces and starts from the Bozburun Peninsula in the south of Marmaris. Datça, famous for its almond and olive trees, offers visitors a breathtaking view of the ancient city of Knidos and the lighthouse of Deveboinu. The Route of Caria also passes by the island of Sedir, the Gulf of Gokova and the ancient city of Kaunos, exploring the 2,400-year-old rocky cemetery, making it ideal for history buffs and lovers of natural landscapes.


The region of Pisidia, located in the mountains south of modern Antalya, showcases a harmonious blend of ancient archaeological sites and magnificent natural beauty. Passing through the ancient cities of Sagalassos, Temesos, Pisidian Anjouk, Kremna, Adada and Serge, travelers can explore these historic sites in depth and appreciate Turkey's rich cultural heritage.

The Hittite Route, which focuses on the cultural heritage of the former Anatolian superpower of Hittites, is 380 kilometers long and includes 17 different routes. The route connects the ancient Hittite capital of Hattusa with Arakahoyuk and Sapinuwa, and visitors can explore the asylum palaces and museums of Arakahoyuk to gain insight into the unique culture of this ancient empire.


The Phrygian Way stretches over 500 kilometers across the provinces of Ankara, Afyon, Karahisar, Eskişehir and Quetzalcoa. The route is famous for its outstanding historical monuments of Phrygian rock monuments, which show the religious rituals and social life of the Phrygians. Tourists can visit the village of Ayazini, the castle of Avdalas, the lake of Emre and the ancient city of Aizonaï to appreciate the rich and colorful historical heritage and natural landscapes of this region.

In addition to ancient ruins and cultural heritage, these hiking routes also allow tourists to explore Turkey's natural wonders such as Koprulu Gorge, Lake Kovada National Park and Lake Eğirdir. In these nature reserves, visitors can enjoy close encounters with nature by observing wildlife up close and participating in outdoor activities such as rafting and rock climbing.

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