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Green Party Manifesto: Rent Controls and Green Technology to Transform the UK Housing Market
Jun 14, 2024
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Abstract : The Green Party's manifesto sets out a series of ambitious policy measures aimed at tackling the housing crisis facing the UK and driving social and economic sustainability.

The Green Party has unveiled an ambitious manifesto aimed at addressing the housing crisis in the UK while promoting social and economic sustainability. This manifesto outlines a series of concrete measures, including rent controls, the promotion of insulation and heat pump technologies, and increased taxation on wealth over £10 million to fund these initiatives.

Firstly, the Green Party advocates for rent control measures to alleviate the financial burden on tenants and prevent evictions due to rent hikes. They plan to introduce legislation ensuring reasonable rent levels and banning the misuse of Section 21 evictions.

Secondly, the Green Party places significant emphasis on insulation and heat pump technologies. They promise to invest £49 billion over the next five years to improve insulation in residential and public buildings. This initiative aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, pushing the housing market towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

Furthermore, the Green Party proposes allowing local councils to take over vacant homes and ending the "right to buy" policy, which has been criticized for reducing local housing stock. These measures aim to utilize underused housing resources and ensure that homes meet the actual needs of local residents.


In terms of housing policy, the Green Party has set a target to build 150,000 social housing units annually in England. They stress that this goal is not just about increasing housing supply but also about making housing more affordable, particularly for low-income families and young people.

To financially support these initiatives, the Green Party plans to impose a wealth tax on individuals with assets exceeding £10 million. This tax policy is seen as a fair fiscal measure to ensure that the wealthy contribute more to public services.

Adrian Ramsay, co-leader of the Green Party, emphasized: "Unlike Labour and the Conservatives, the Green Party does not shy away from the importance of reforming the tax system. We believe the wealthier segments of society, especially those who have seen significant increases in their fortunes in recent years, should contribute more to the community."

Additionally, the Green Party is focused on local development and community building. They plan to ensure reasonable planning for new housing projects through local authorities and to invest in infrastructure such as healthcare services, transport, education, and childcare to provide more support and convenience to communities.

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